Equiture Browbands, Stock Pins and Fly Veils

Equiture Browbands, Stock Pins and Fly Veils

All browbands are handmade to order.  Even if browband is listed as OUT OF STOCK these browbands will be available as they are specially custom made for each order.  

We do keep a small range of browbands in stock, but the variety of unbelievable browbands is almost endless.

Browband size guide:

Browband Sizes:

Pony:14" Cob: 15" Full: 16" XFull: 17" XXFull: 18" we also have some 20" browbands in black leather available on request. We measure our browbands flat, straight across and include the loops. Please see image below for guide

Browband loop size:

Our standard loop size is 1.5". We find this fits the majority of bridle headpieces including comfort bridles. We also sell browbands with loops for rolled bridles.